Monday, June 21, 2010

Running and Biking and Training, oh my!

I think today was my most productive day ever training. Granted, now that it is summer I have a lot of (much-needed) free time, so my schedule allows it. I'm pretty proud - I ran 15 miles under my marathon goal pace in the early afternoon, followed by biking 20 miles in the late afternoon. As I was on my bike ride, some thoughts kept pouring into my head, along with my ipod songs. Nonetheless, I created a rather dumb poem on the trail. I scratched it down when I finished, with the intent to write it on my blog later in the day. However, now the document is gone. So until I figure out how to retrieve it, pretend you read a poem about biking.

*You may know that I think biking is not very hard and a waste of time. However, I am doing a duathlon in a few weeks and have to get training. My perspective is changing about biking in the process.

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