Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Random Running Musings

An update on my life:
  • I think the iron pills are working...yes!! This past weekend I logged 15 miles on Sunday and played 2 softball games. FYI - I do not consider softball physical activity. It just means I was out in the sun for 3+ hours, enhancing my farmer tan.
  • I've been running at a forest preserve that has no trees, which I think is comical. It just has a lot of tall grass. It is relatively flat with some gently rolling hills. The path is 5.5 miles. The bad part is that there is no shade and I've been doing my first run of the day around noon, which is also the warmest part of the day. My times are getting better each day, too, which makes me very, very happy.
  • I can't believe it is August already. School starts three weeks from today. I need to have my classroom set up by the 15th. I feel like my summer is basically over. Back to the real world with busy days.
  • I'm going to Iowa to visit my parents/brother this weekend. I'm leaving tomorrow. On Saturday I'm running an 8k (5 mile) race. I'm looking forward to it. It'll be a PR for sure because I've never run a race that distance before. I'm hoping to run 41:00 or below.
  • Have you heard of Leadville? It is a 100-mile race in Colorado in a few weeks. My brother is running it this year. When he talks about his training, and then I look at mine, I feel like such a wimp. If you've ever done Leadville, I automatically think you are amazing.
  • Although my endurance is improving, I am still having a hard time running more than 10 miles at one time. Therefore, I've been splitting up my longer runs to make them into two shorter runs. For example, on Sunday I ran 7.5 before I played softball and then another 7.5 after softball, for a total of 15. I know that is the only way I'll be able to log in the adequate mileage I need right now for marathon training. However, I wonder how I'll do when I go out for my 20-miler in a few weeks. I'm nervous that I'm not training enough. Any thoughts?
  • Next weekend I'm going to southern Iowa to visit my Grandma. I love going to visit her so much. She lives in a small town and there is not much to do so we just talk and eat. This year I planned on visiting her when the next town over was holding their Sweet Corn Festival race. I signed up for the 10k. My aunt might run it, too, which would be neat. I'll log another PR for this race, as I've never done a 10k before.
  • Finally, a toe update: My big toenails are still holding on for dear life. I wish they would just fall off. It is so nasty. I have 3 toes that are so bruised. Thank god for nail polish. Also, I have 4 toes with blisters that just don't want to go away. I've logged a lot of miles this summer, both running and biking, and it has taken a toll on my feet.
  • I'm off to run 9 miles....many happy miles to you, too!

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  1. It seems like there has been much talk about splitting up long runs during marathon training (I believe there was an article on a few weeks ago). While I think it is fine to do this for some of your long runs, the key in marathon training is time on your feet.

    The first thing I would check is to make sure you pace is slow enough on long runs, and I mean slooow. Next perhaps trying a run-walk strategy would help you on the 10+ mile runs. Not too much walking, but maybe 2-3 minutes every 15-20 minutes of running.

    Last thing, and this is just my opinion, if you do break up long runs I don't feel that 2 - 7.5 mile runs is equivalent to a 15 miler. I think you have to add about 10-15% more mileage when splitting a long run to get the equivalent effort from your body.

    Just a few thoughts...good luck with your training and enjoy every run :)