Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Meeting Goals

I go through streaks with just about everything, especially running.  I survived the polar vortex winter by running a tremendous of miles on the treadmill and had a pretty good half marathon in March because of it.  I continued to run a lot in April and ran another half in the beginning of May, only to be disappointed for a variety of reasons.  

I debated for a long time what my next race was going to be.  I hadn't signed up for anything and was trying to figure out what my goals were so I could make a good decision.  I tossed around a lot of thoughts, but came to a few conclusions:
  • I don't want to run a marathon this fall
  • I don't want to run an ultra marathon this fall
I decided that I'm going to run a half marathon in November.  However, there was a reason for deciding on a half.  

Back when I was 21, and just completed my first half marathon, I decided that I would run 20 half marathons and 2 full marathons by the time I was 30.  Currently, I've run 3 full marathons (Chicago 2011, Illinois 2012 and Boston 2013) and 19 half marathons.  So this one I'll be running in November will be the last one I will need to run.  

My training for this race is going to be abnormal, but so far this year has been anything but normal so it'll fit right in.  

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