Monday, August 3, 2009

"Do you still have all of your toenails?"

I recently had breakfast with an old friend and got to talking about running. Her friend runs a lot, and made a comment about how disgusting his feet were. She said he was constantly losing toenails. Then she asked me, "do you still have all of your toenails? Or...are your feet deformed?"

I told her that I never lost a toenail because of running, and hope it never happens. The thought of it just sounds like it would hurt a massive amount. Are my feet deformed? Well, I wouldn't say that they are lovely but they are not deformed either. Feet, in general, are rather not the most attractive body part.

This conversation got me thinking. Since I was diagnosed with diabetes, I was always told to take special care of my feet. My first endocrinologists said that if I didn't have good control I would lose a toe or foot. If I wanted to keep my feet, I had to take care of them and my blood sugars.

Except, I never took (and take) care of my feet. I rarely look at them. They don't hurt and look fine when I wear sandals; however, I never take the time to examine them. It isn't a priority for me I guess. Even as I type this, a thought ran through my head about how maybe I should actually look at them, but it soon left my head. I guess I go on the philosophy that if my feet feel fine and aren't causing me any trouble, then they are fine.

Maybe I'll look at my feet tomorrow when I get my pedicure while I am picking out the new color I would like on my toes.


  1. until you have some sort of nerve damage, i go without checking. as athletes we are way more in tune with our bodies than the general public who might not notice a huge green infection in their foot. we are on our feet so much we know when something isn't right.

  2. Crossing my fingers, but if I can make it through the next six weeks, this will be my first marathon that hasn't cost me at least one toenail.

    Not that I really mind. It looks way ugly for something that doesn't hurt.