Thursday, April 8, 2010

MC200 + more

The past week I feel like I've been going nonstop, always with more things to accomplish and less time to sleep. Even right now as I write, I keep thinking about everything else I should be doing, like grading papers, entering grades, preparing report cards for 3rd quarter, planning lessons, registering for races, stretching...the list goes on and on. But that is mostly because things are busy for me as a teacher right now.

My "big news" is that I am running MC200 this year! I am beyond thrilled and excited to do this. It is a race from Madison, Wisconsin to Chicago and is 200 miles; hence, MC200. You do it with a team of 11 other runners and run in shifts three different times. I am either doing an 18 or 19 mile shift. They are broken up differently, though. The 18 mile shift is 6, 6, 6 and the 19 mile shift is 3, 7.5, 8.5. One of my friends wanted to run and there was an open spot on her team and she asked me. Apparently we are not going to be competitive, which is okay, but I know I'll be competitive with myself.

One reason why it will be hard not to be competitive is because my brother has run this race 2 times before. Although my brother is a pretty good runner (Boston qualifier multiple years and is running it this year and is training for the Leadville 100 mile race = craziness), his team won the relay one year. I'm sure he remembers their time and will be interested in knowing what my team's time will be. He'll probably tease me about my shift time and how slow I am. But, although I'm competitive, I just love running so it will be fun no matter what.

Monday and today I ran 8 miles in 1:04-1:05; however, I feel completely out of shape. Maybe it is because I am so tired? I know I'm not getting enough sleep at night which hurts my running a lot - this week I've averaged 5 hours which is not good. This weekend I plan on sleeping a lot, or at least hope to. Tomorrow I'm playing with other staff members in a basketball game vs. the 8th graders at school for a fundraiser. Hopefully I'll still be able to make shots - I haven't played since the fall. Saturday I'm going canoeing all afternoon. I am excited to do it since I've never been canoeing. I'm hoping to run some serious miles tomorrow and during the weekend as well. Don't you love active weekends, or is it just me?


  1. Yes! Love having lots of fun stuff to do.

  2. 200 MILES!??!!? You are my hero. Seriously.