Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A New Sport

This weekend I'll be going skiing with a group of friends. I've never been skiing in my life and am both excited and nervous. Growing up, my parents always wanted me to be healthy. I played AAU travel basketball the majority of the year, starting in 4th grade, and they did not want me to get hurt. Even in college, after my basketball-playing days were over, I never had the desire to ski. I am always cold, and being in the cold just does not appeal to me. However, my friends were going and wanted me to come, so I decided I should.

Although I love to try things, especially sports, that I've never done before, I typically get those nervous butterflies in my stomach. First, I'm nervous about my pump. Running is easy - I just keep my pump clipped to my running shorts/tights/pants and it is fine. However, with skiing there is the risk that I am going to fall down. I'm 100% positive I'll be falling a lot on Saturday. What about my pump? Will it be okay? I sure hope so. I plan on bringing my back-up pump in case something major happens, but I'm crossing my fingers that nothing will.

And then there is the whole blood sugar issue. Do you burn many calories while skiing? I'm wondering if I should plan on it being like biking, or more like a slow jog day? I'm not sure at all. What do you do?

We've gotten a ton of snow so far for December, which should be good for skiing, if they got as much in Wisconsin that we did in Illinois. In the meantime, I'll try to stay warm.

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  1. When I snowboard pump goes in my cleavage. The padding of jackets breasts etc usually soften the blow and I'm more likely to fall somewhere around my midsection than cleavage first. Bad place for a pump, especially in the cold! Never had problems even when I've had a tumbling "yard sale" sort of fall.

    I turn my basals down to what I would consider a "slow jog" but if this is you're first time you will be surprised how much energy you use getting up and down which you'll do lots of for sure if it's your first time! Not to mention the use of muscles in a way you aren't used to. My advice? go with a temp basal between slow jog and biking. Hope I've helped! I am so jealous!