Thursday, December 2, 2010

Taking it Light Before Revving it Up

I originally to take it light in mid-November and December as far as mileage is concerned before starting to log some major miles after the first of the year. I've stuck to it...not really logging anything longer than 5 miles for the past week. However, today hit and I had the urge to run something longer. I wanted to run for longer than 40 minutes, so I ran 7.5 miles and it felt wonderful. My body felt pretty good as well. I had some hamstring issues around mile 6, but they worked themselves out so I felt pretty good when I finished. I didn't push myself hard and ended up finishing in 1 hour and just under 30 seconds, which I was quite pleased with. Tomorrow I haven't decided if I'll do 5 miles or less, or some type of cross training, or take the day off completely. It all depends how I feel and what I feel like doing.

Are you taking it easy as far as running goes in December? Or are you training for something? There are not a ton of races around here in the winter, so December is a good month to relax.

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