Saturday, December 29, 2012

Reviewing 2012 Races

Thanks to Kim for creating this handy template to review races from the previous year.  As I reflect on my races and running journey of 2012, there are a plethora of words that go through my head: success, failure, excitement, awe, disappointment... The list could go on and on.  2012 was a year of extremes - I had some really good moments and some really crappy moments.  It was a year that I learned much more about myself as a runner than ever before.  
Races participated in: 15 
Races “raced” (of x amount above): 14 - all but the Chiller in Schiller due to miscommunication
DNFs: 0
DNSs: 0
5 (4 road and 1 trail)
8K: none officially, but the Chiller race is closest to this distance than any other
5M: none
10k: 2
HM: 4 (3 road and 1 trail)
M: 1 officially (I also ran the Rockford marathon with my friends after I finished the half)
Ultra: 1 (Ragnar Relay Madison to Chicago race)
New to me distances: Ultra relay and trail races 
States run in: Illinois and Wisconsin for races, but I also ran in California, Colorado, and Iowa this year
Road: 12
Technical Trail: 3

Months run in: 11/12 - not July due to injury
Hottest race: Rockford Half Marathon or Ragnar - both were really warm
Coldest race: Polar Dash 10k

Participation medals received: 7
AG medals received: 8 (not counting my turkey or Thriller "goody bag")
PRs: 3 - marathon, half marathon, and 10k
Placed in AG: 10
Races run alone: 7
Races run with others: 5 
Who: Random people from my running club, my BFF (three times), another blogger friend
Acted as pacer: 1 - Rockford (half) Marathon.  My friends were trying to achieve marathon maniac status so I ran the second part of the marathon with them.  
Races run without music:
Races run without Garmin: 0 (I love my Garmin)
Races run in costume: 0
Favorites: Illinois Marathon because that is where I BQ'd and had a massive PR, Heritage Haul Half Marathon because I did so much better than I thought I would do, and The Drumstick Dash because I won it
Medal: The Illinois Marathon and Heritage Haul medals because those races were so special for me
Bib: ??? I don't care too much about bibs

Taken just after crossing the finish line at the Illinois Marathon in April


  1. Sounds like you had a great year and tried some new stuff too! I forgot - are you doing a Ragnar Ultra team again this year? When is your indoor marathon relay? :)

    Thanks for the shoutout!

  2. As of right now, I am not planning on doing any Ragnars this year. The Icebreaker indoor marathon relay is January 19 - I'm super excited about it :)

    I checked, and relay iowa is the same weekend I have the ADA bike ride - the second weekend in June.