Sunday, September 16, 2012

Heritage Haul Half Marathon Race Report

For the past 18 months, I have been trying to break 1:40 in the half marathon.  I put pressure on myself, but it never happened.  I was sad about it, but realized that it was not the end of the world.  Then I signed up for a small half marathon on Saturday.  Going into it, I had no formal goal.  I hoped to break 1:45, but if not, I wouldn't care.  I was happy to be racing again.  Enjoying 13.1 miles was more important than time for this race.

Saturday came, and I don't think it could have gone any better.  The result:

Overall time: 1:34:05
Pace: 7:11
Gender place: 2/21
Age Group Place: 1/5
Overall Place: 8/52 

Some times things in running don't make sense.  When I look at the race on paper, I should not have PR'd, especially by 6 minutes.  The weather was in the 50s to start and by the time I ended it was only in the 60s. My slowest mile was mile 12, a 7:35 pace.  My fastest mile was mile 4, a 7:01 pace.  At mile 7, I stopped to stretch my leg.  It was getting some cramps and my stride was impacted by it.  I shook it out for a few seconds and continued on.

I also think the following helped me get my PR:

  • Pitbull Power Hour at 4:30 AM while getting ready.  
  • Wearing my purple sunglasses and not my running sunglasses.  I forgot to pack my running sunglasses so the purple ones were what I had to wear if I wanted to wear any.  I decided I didn't really care, and put them on.
  • Convincing a friend to run the half yesterday so we could ride together.  
  • Eating GU at the slowest pace ever.  I opened by GU packet at mile 4 and still had not finished it by mile 10 when I tossed it aside.  I took a little every so often, but I am out of "GU eating shape".  
  • Registering for the Boston Marathon on Friday.  It made me so excited.
  • Not having any expectations.  
  • Believing in myself, knowing that I could do it.  
I am so happy to finally make it into the 1:30s.  Now, I need a new goal to aim for.  


  1. Sometimes "not having expectations" is the BEST thing I can do on a race day. Congratulations on your new PR! And taking second!

    Thank you for cheering yesterday - it was so so nice to finally meet you!

  2. I love reading about my friends successes. You have no idea how stoked I am to hear about how big of a PR you got without the intention of even PR'ing (that's not a word, it looks funny)
    I'm so proud of you... you are an inspiration and I look up to you.
    what a great way to be back in the world of running.