Friday, September 28, 2012

North Shore Century Thoughts and Conversations

Last weekend me and 2 friends did part of the North Shore Century bike ride.  We rode 71 miles on a chilly, windy morning.  That ride was most likely my last organized ride of the year, as it is just get too cold for me to bike.  Proof:  I wore the following items on my ride:

  • My warmest running tights
  • bike shorts
  • running gloves
  • biking gloves
  • long sleeve running turtleneck
  • arm warmers
  • cycling jersey
  • warmest running pullover 
And I was still cold for much of the ride.  

However, it was fun.  I bike for leisure, not for speed.  It relaxes me and I have really learned to enjoy it this summer.  I've spent more time on my bike than I would have ever dreamt of before.  One of my goals was to ride 100 miles, but I am not disappointed at all that it did not happen.  I know it will next year, or maybe if we have a drastic warm-up in Chicagoland that will give me the opportunity.  The god thing about sporting events it that there is always next year.

I will say that runners and bikers are very different, not only in appearance but also personality.  Bikers make me laugh.  

Conversation #1 from NSC ride:

Man: I like your pink biking gloves.
Me: Thanks, I like them, too.
Man: They remind me of something Barbie would wear.
Me: Hm, I never thought about that before, but maybe.
Man: I think my wife would like a pair.
*Light turns green and we ride off at different speeds.  I think this is the first time in my life that something I've had on has been compared to something Barbie would wear.

Conversation #2 from NSC ride:

USA Cycling Jersey Man: (after riding up next to me):  You are a good cycler.
Me: Thanks.
USA Cycling Jersey Man: You'll be so much faster when you get clips on your shoes.
(It is true, I don't have cycling shoes.  I just wear running shoes because I'm too cheap to buy them)
Me: I hope so.  
USA Cycling Jersey Man: Yeah, you're pretty long, lean and gorgeous.
Me: Smile and ride off - it was awkward.  

I'll be missing cycling in the winter, but met the head race volunteer for the Tour de Cure ride in Chicagoland at NSC and will be helping with that.  I'm not sure what I'll be doing yet, but I'll be there.  It is a small thing I can do to give back to both the diabetic community and cycling community.  

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