Sunday, September 2, 2012

Reviewing August

I cannot  believe that it is already September.  This year is going by too fast.  In August I made my return to running, and it was glorious.  Every time I laced up my sneakers I was incredibly happy.  I realized how much joy running brings to my life.  I ended the month with:

114 running miles
98 biking miles
37 elliptical miles
32 walking miles
27 stair master miles
and 3 weight sessions

The stair master and myself are becoming pretty good friends these days.  I can feel it making my legs stronger, which is what I need right now.  Although I really do not enjoy any gym machines, I feel the stair master gives me the best workout.

This month I also realized how much fitness I lost in July.  However, I am surprisingly ok with the fact that I am out of shape.  I'm hoping to get back into shape by October.  I've signed up for some races in September to do just for fun, including a 5k on Labor Day.  I've raced every year on Labor Day for the past 3 years and felt like I needed to continue the tradition.  I also plan on running a half marathon for fun, biking a 100 mile ride, and cheering on 3 of my running friends at their goal marathon.  I might be most excited to cheer.  It will be good preparation for the Chicago Marathon.

How was your August?  Any big plans for September?

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