Thursday, August 23, 2012

"I thought that was a pager" post

Location: Tuesday Track practice.  Usually we run on the track, but that day we did a temp run on the nearby path.

Time: I just finished running a 3-mile temp run and was talking to some of the other guys that had finished before me.  There were still many runners out on the path, since the suggested run was 6 miles.

The following conversation took place between me and another runner, Ed.

Ed: Are you ready for school to start?
Me: I am, I'm looking forward to new students.
Ed:  When I first met you, I thought you were really smart and a doctor.
Me:  Really?  Why?
Ed: I thought your insulin pump was a page.  I thought, "wow, she must be on call A LOT because she wears her pager all of the time.
Me: Laughing
Ed:  Then, I realized it was your insulin pump.
Me: And you realized I was a teacher, not a doctor.
Ed: I did.  Do they still have pagers?

This led to another conversation with many of the other guys about pagers.

I guess that beats the conversation that  I had with a mother today where she told me she didn't think I looked old enough to be her daughter's teacher.  Oh well...

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