Wednesday, August 22, 2012

School, Students, Running, Biking

Remember when I said I was going to try to post every day in August?  Well, that was an epic fail.  I realized that posting every day felt more like a job than something fun.  Along with a few other reasons, like moving, traveling, and another school year starting, I stopped.

The first official day of school starts tomorrow.  However, today was "meet the teacher day."  It is one of my favorite days of school because I get to meet all of my students and their parents for the upcoming school year, while getting to see many of my students from previous years.  Out of the 30 students in my homeroom, 19 are the youngest, many from a long line of siblings.  I counted and have taught 11 of their siblings, which made me feel old.  

Although I greatly enjoyed meeting every student, my favorite moment of the day was when one of my favorite students from last year, along with her mom and sister, stopped by my room.  Don't ever let teachers tell you differently - we have our favorites no matter what we say.  However, my first impression of my homeroom this year indicates that they will be a good class.  We'll see how they do with my dictatorship-like demeanor tomorrow.

On the running front, I completed my first track workout since May.  I'm in better shape than I thought.  I also signed up to do a 100 mile bike ride this weekend.  The goal?  To finish.  

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