Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dr. Queenie

Thursday night I went to my running club's weekly run.  I hadn't been there since June, and was happy to be back.  It was pouring rain when I got there, which meant running on the path would be more like an obstacle course than a regular run.  I had a great run,  a wonderful 5 mile trek on the path at an easy 9-minute average.

After our runs, we always socialize.  The fast guys got back and were asking if I saw another doctor, or "Are you getting your advice from Dr. Google or Dr. (insert my real name here)?"  I had to laugh.

I stated that I was not going to see another doctor right now.  My knee has been doing great, I've been feeling good, even though rather out of shape which is understandable.  Dr. Google told me to strengthen my hamstrings, quads and glutes, which is what I did all July and am continuing to do in August.

When one of the runner's asked what the real doctor told me, I said surgery.  He then replied, "I would just doctor myself or find someone who tells me something I want to hear instead."

I am not having surgery, and everyone in the group I was with understood why, knowing that if they were in the same position they wouldn't go for surgery either.  Plus, how much do doctor's really know about sports injuries like this?  Yes, they can look at my x-ray and MRI results and tell me what is wrong, but they don't really know the pain (or lack thereof).  They can only speculate.

One thing i've realized is that I know myself better than any doctor ever could or will.  Sure, my endocrinologist is helpful and I find his advice useful, but still, I am the one that ultimately makes the changes with my insulin.  The sports medicine doctor can tell me what is wrong with my knee, but doesn't know everything.

Doctors are resources, people who can tell us what is wrong.  They can make suggestions based on their observations, but they do not live with the condition every single day like I do.  I will continue to doctor myself until I need more information.

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