Saturday, August 4, 2012


I love the Olympics.  I can remember when they were held in Atlanta in 1996 and getting up every morning wanting to watch whatever sport was televised.  Even if they were doing boat racing, I'd still want to watch, which is saying something because it is not the most eventful sport.  As a matter of fact, I don't even know the technical term for the sport.

As a person who likes to both watch and compete in sports, it makes sense that I would enjoy the olympics.  However, I like the sappy, inspirational stories just as much as the actual competition.  When NBC highlights a specific athlete, bringing to light where they grew up, or where they train, or how much poverty they had to overcome always inspires me.

After watching the opening ceremony and seeing the various athletes from all of the countries, and analyzing all of the unique wardrobe choices, I became interested in some of the facts surrounding the games.  I found out:

There is one athlete with type 1 diabetes playing at the games in London:

  • German weightlifter Matthias Steiner, who weighs a whopping 320 pounds yet only 6'0" tall 
    • He says that before exercising he tests his blood sugar and eats something
    • Was named German Sportsman of the Year in 2008
    • He competed for Austria at the games in 2004
    • Was diagnosed with diabetes at 18 and takes shots
    • Had to get a letter from a doctor stating he had diabetes to give to the International Olympic Committee in reference to doping check
    • Why do I feel like this picture should be on "America's Most Wanted" and not on the London 2012 website?

Most people associate diabetic Olympics athletes with Gary Hall, not Matthias Steiner.  Perhaps he'll make a name for himself in London.  He lifts on August 7th if you'd like to watch.

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  1. Wow, that picture is so awful!!
    but thanks for the little write up :)