Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Best of Sky Mall

I was in Colorado this past weekend, flying out on Friday and coming back on Monday.  One of my favorite things to do while on a plane is look at Sky Mall magazine.  Do people actually order items from it?  Below are the three best items from the magazine:

Would you like to get rid of stress in your life?  Try on this silver helmet and watch the stress dissolve before your eyes.  Plus, it is only $79.95...what a deal!

Do you need to decorate a tree in your yard?  Now, you can get one to wear a hat from your favorite team. I find it rather disturbing.  

Do you want to be comfortable and fashionable at the same time?  You must buy these jeans.  They look like rugged jeans, complete with a hold in the knee, on the outside but are actually sweatpants.  Personally, they remind me of MC Hammer-type pants a bit.  Plus, if you buy them you get them for even chapter - less than $20 a pair.  

Would you buy anything from Sky Mall?  Or, have you seen any quality products like the ones above in the magazine?

On a side note, Matthais Steiner, the diabetic weight lifter from Germany, competed today.  He dropped the bar on his neck and had to be escorted off of the area.  However, he isn't seriously hurt so that is good.

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