Wednesday, September 26, 2012

6 miles of happiness

Today I went on a nice 6-mile run on my favorite path.  By the time I got to the path it was already 6:15  and I knew I'd be ending my run at dusk.  I had no goals for this run but to run, enjoy the cooler weather, and relax.  On the run, the following things occurred:

  • I got waved at 4 times by other friendly runners on the path.  I waved back to each of them.
  • I saw 2 people I knew while running, both members of my running club.
  • I received one high-five about 1 mile into my run from one of guys from the running club.
  • Another runner, who I do not know but saw twice today, gave me a thumbs-up both times.  I'd like to thank him.
  • One man told me to have a good night.
  • Another man told me that my shirt was the brightest shirt he had ever seen.  I was wearing a neon orange Saucony shirt that was incredibly bright.  However, it is not my brightest shirt.
I like it when random things like those mentioned above happen on my run.  It adds some more happiness to my day.


  1. I say it all the time. When your running and other people are running, biking or just walking, they are so nice to you! It's like we are all in this little club together and make sure to give each other a little smile to say "your doing AWESOME"

  2. I love runs like that too! Especially when I randomly see people I know. It really makes me happy. And when other runners are friendly! Love that about the burbs! :)

  3. That is my FAVORITE kind of run! I think Fall is bringing out the happy in everyone...