Wednesday, December 28, 2016

2015 and 2016 in Review

One of my goals for 2017 is to blog again, although it was nice to take a long break.  Starting on January 2 you will hopefully see posts from me again (I am sure you've missed them :-P).

Lets review 2015…

  • I ran over 2,200 miles - the most I've ever run
  • I only ran 2 races
  • I ran my first ultra.  It was a 6 hour timed race that started at midnight and went to 6 AM in the middle of July.  It was awful.  
  • I ran the Des Moines Marathon in October and PR'd.  I was soooo happy about that :) I ran a 3:23 and qualified for Boston again. 
  • I did not have any injuries and the year was great.

And 2016…
  • I ran over 2,000 miles, but barely (although the year is not over so I will get a few more).  I biked over 1,300 miles. 
  • I ran 3 races this year and paced 1
  • I ran a 5k on the coldest day of the year in January in Iowa.  I don't remember my time but I was the top female runner and 2nd overall and won some money.  I did it only because my brother came to run the unsupported marathon and I wanted to see him.
  • On May 1st I ran the Pittsburgh Marathon.  It was challenging! The first 12 miles were pretty flat and the whole second half of the race was rolling hills.  It rained at the start and I do not like running in the rain so it was a rough start.  I was happy with my time and ran a 3:27.  However, I was so happy the whole weekend.  My best friend flew in for it and ran the marathon as well so we were able to hang out all weekend.  
  • I also ran the Twin Cities Marathon in October as a Global Hero.  It was quite the experience.  I chose my brother to run with me so we ran the marathon together.  Surprisingly, I BQ'd again (ran a 3:32 on not much training).  
  • I paced my brother for the last 28 miles of his 100-mile ultra marathon in Iowa at the end of May.  It was one of my favorite running experiences of all time. 
  • I was injured in August and September.  I hurt my achilles (probably from overuse).  I had 10 sessions of graston done on it and it healed.  Graston is incredibly painful! 
  • I am currently training for the Boston Marathon again (it is on April 17 in 2017).  I am looking forward to going back and running well and having a great post race experience this time!  My brother is also running it this year but we are not running together because he is significantly faster than me! 
  • I traveled a lot (for me) this year! I flew to Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Florida, Colorado, Minneapolis and (will be going to in 2 days) Baltimore.  I've been to 11 states in 2016…that seems like a lot to me considering I don't travel for my job. 
  • Finally, I am excited for New Years this year :) 


  • Who knows?