Sunday, January 22, 2017

Long Runs

After weeks of not putting many miles in, I was finally motivated to do a long run yesterday on a hilly course.  My "long run" last week was a whopping 6 miles before getting hopping on a plane.  After speaking to my brother this week, who told me I had to start training, I finally put in some decent miles on Saturday - 18 to be exact.  Surprisingly, I did not feel too bad during the run.  Of course I was sore afterward but that is to be expected.  It was incredibly nice running weather - in the mid-50s and sunny.  It was also nice to share the miles with some of my favorite running people.

This training cycle will be short because I am starting on it so late.  Boston is less than 3 months away and I am not in very good shape (for me).  However, right now I have been devoting my time to other things which make me happy.  I still love running, and would like to do well in Boston, but my priorities have shifted a bit and that is just fine.