Monday, April 9, 2012

Let the Taper Begin

22 miles....done.

I completed my last long run of my Illinois Marathon training plan.  I'm currently on week 19 of a 21 week plan, and honestly, I am ready for it to be over.  The next time I'll have a true long run is Saturday, April 28th - the day of the marathon.

I am lucky that we did not have school today, so did my long run today.  Normally, I would have to do my long run on Saturday or Sunday due to time.  I love long weekends.  Originally, I was going to run my long run on Saturday, but when I started to run, I knew it was not going to happen.  I was not mentally prepared to spend 3+ hours running, nor was I physically prepared.  I didn't eat enough the day before or the morning of my run, nor did I drink enough.  I stopped at 10 and called it a day. 

However, today I woke up in Iowa excited to run my last long run.  There is something special knowing that the tapering is beginning.  On my run, I thought about how many miles I've run in this training plan.  IN the past 9 days, I have run 70 miles.  In my training plan so far, I have run over 730 miles.  I think my legs are ready for a taper. 

Do you normally do your long run on a certain day?  Or, does it depend on your schedule?  I typically do mine on Sunday morning.  But, I did one 20-miler three weeks ago and today's 22-miler both on Monday. 


  1. I usually run long on the weekend, but the day depends on what our family's schedule looks like (and sometimes on the weather too).

    Enjoy your taper!!

  2. With all my camping I do my long runs whenever I can get them in.