Monday, April 2, 2012

Reviewing March

March went by too quickly, but that seems to be the trend in life recently. 

March's Numbers

Running Miles: 194
Biking Miles: 121
Weights: 2 times
Walking Miles: 33
Elliptical Miles: 6
Laps in the Pool: 27

*    *    *    *    *

Best Race: I ran two races - a 5k and a 10k in March.  I am most proud of my 10k race.  After running that race, I truly felt that I could PR the half marathon I ran on Sunday. 

Biggest Surprise: I ran 194 miles.  This is my highest mileage month by 20 miles.  In March, I ran:
  • 1 20-mile training run
  • 2 19-mile training runs
  • 7 runs that were 8-12 miles long
Books Read: 1...finished while on vacation.

Play lists Made on iTunes: 3, one for each race I have recently run.  I have started to race with music, something I never used to do.  It provides a nice distraction.

Best Part of the Month: My vacation to California.  It was not only much-needed, but also incredibly enjoyable and stress-free.  I did get my 20 mile run accomplished while there, which I think is incredibly successful. 

New Discovery of the Month: I like oranges.  I never liked oranges growing up, but bought one recently because it just looked good.  And it was.  I've been eating oranges like crazy lately.  I think I'm just making up for lost time.  Orange juice, though, I'll never be able to drink.

Best Thing Purchased this Month: A new laptop computer.  I got a Mac Book Pro, and love it.  I'm still figuring some things out on it, but the transition has gone well thus far.

March Madness:  My brackets were awful.  I had Missouri going to the Final Four, which obviously did not happen.  I did, however, pick Ohio State to get there, but had them in the championship game.  I did enjoy watching the tournament this year.

Goodbye March.  You were a good month.  April, you started off rough but can only improve. 

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