Saturday, April 21, 2012


Hello from the Nissan dealership where my car is getting its tires rotated and oil changed.  I know nothing about cars so taking my car to a place that will just do everything for me is far more convenient and easier than me trying to do it myself.  

How am I occupying my time for one hour?  Making all of my to-do lists.  I have 5 lists going right now:
  1. Things to get done today
  2. Things to get done before Thursday
  3. Packing list for the marathon
  4. Things that need to be printed
  5. Things that need to be done on Friday morning
I function so much better when I make myself lists.  I find them especially critical when I am traveling.  I'll be honest...I am a bit nervous that I have to travel for my marathon.  I don't want to forget anything.  For the Chicago Marathon, I was at my home.  I did not have to remember anything, which was nice.  I'm afraid I'll forget something basic, like socks or my running shoes.  How awful would that be?  Hence, lists are important!

On another note, sitting in the waiting room at the dealership is a unique experience.  The TV has some variation of Animal Planet on and the segment has been about elephants so far.  Did you know elephants have to learn how to use their trunks?  I didn't know that, but I've also never thought about it before.  Currently, they are doing surgery on some animal.  It's pretty gross.

Time to add to my lists.

I cannot believe the marathon is in 1 week!

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