Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Stages of Being Injured

Being injured is hard.  It is something I dreaded almost everyday for the past 3 years.  Then, it came to be, unfortunately.  Going through being injured, for me, is like the grieving process.

First, I experienced shock and denial.  I didn't want to admit the fact that I was truly injured.  In spite of the doctor's orders to rest, I went running the first week to help myself through the shock.  Running 4 days in a row may not have been the smartest thing to do, but it helped me move along the stages.

Then, I experienced anger.  I was upset that I was injured, that my body isn't made perfectly.  I had a few "why me?" days, but quickly got over them.

Luckily, I skipped the bargaining stage.  I don't really believe in bargaining to begin with, which is probably why it didn't happen.

After bargaining comes the resurgence of hope.  This is what I experienced during my MRI last week.

The final stage is acceptance, which is where I currently am.  I have accepted the fact that I am injured.  Some days are better than others in the Land of Injuries.  Unfortunately, today was not a pleasant day.  I really don't care that it is 99* outside, all I know is that I want to be out there running.  Like I mentioned yesterday, I feel my fitness is gone, which is a very, very sad feeling for me.

However, I do know that my body is healing well.  My left leg feels a lot better and is more loose now than it was all year.  It doesn't hurt to stretch, and the exercises and weights seem to be helping.  The swelling has gone down, too.  I think it is hard right now because my body feels so much better which makes me want to run even more.  But, I know that taking a full month off will help it the most.

In 13 days, I'll get to put on my running shoes again.  I'll run and be happy and thankful.  I probably won't stop smiling.  It will be the first mile of many more to come this year, and next, and for many, many more.  I cannot wait.  

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