Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Thoughts After 2 Weeks of Being Injured

Week 2 of not running in July consisted of completing:

Elliptical Miles: 26
Biking Miles: 46
Miles Walked: 11
Weights: 3 days

I'm most surprised...that at the beginning of last week, I still felt like I was in decent shape.  This week, however, is a totally different story.

I'm proud that... I did 10 miles on the elliptical one day to get in a "long run."  Have you ever done 10 miles on the elliptical?  It made me appreciate running that much more.  I'm happy I didn't die of boredom.

I'm relieved that...I got the results back from my MRI.  They are not the best results, but I got some information, which is what I needed the most.  I'll be posting more on this later in the week.

I'm tempted a race on August 1, when I get to start running again.  However, I know this isn't the smartest thing to do.  It is only a, so tempting.

I've given up...winning the he race medal competition I was in with one of my friends.  We were competing to see who would have more medals by the end of the year.  I currently have earned 11 medals this year, while he has 8 or 9 I think.  He is doing a ton of races, both half and full marathons, this fall, while I will do 1.  I'll try, but I don't see success in my future in this competition.

I'm feeling...the urge to run more and more every day.  It is hard to see my Newton's just sitting on the floor, begging to be worn.

Before I start running again, I am going to...go get a new pair of running shoes.  My hot pink Newton's have seen better days, have close to 600 miles on them and have seen better days.  I think a new pair is in order when I start running again.

I'm counting down...the days until August 1.  It will be a great day.  It seems so close, yet so far away.   

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