Thursday, July 12, 2012

Noon at the Gym

I've written about this before (this post), but if I go to the gym around noon the crowd is far, far different than my normal 5 o'clock time.  The noon crowd is quite interesting, and mostly made up of senior citizens.  Their comments are varied, unique, and a lot of times funny to me.  For example:

Conversation #1:

I go into the locker room and there are two ladies whose lockers are near mine, most likely in their 70s.
Lady 1: Do either of you know where I can get embroidery done?
Lady 2: There is a place at Fox Valley Mall that did something for me a few years ago.
Lady 1:  Was it a store there?
Lady 2:  It was a stand in the center of the mall.
*I bet you 100% that the stand no longer exists*
Lady 1:  I really don't want to drive ALL THE WAY out to Fox Valley to get it done.
*It is about 25 minutes to get there*
Lady 2: Or, you could use the Yellow Pages to look up "embroidery" to see what shows up.
*I had not even thought of the Yell Pages in years.  It is all about Google nowadays.*
Lady 1: That is a GREAT idea!!!!

Conversation #2:
Setting: I'm on the elliptical trying to motivate myself to not get off after 1 minute.  (I ended up making it a whopping 2 miles.)
Man: I have to say this to you.  That is the brightest shirt I'VE EVER SEEN!!!!
Me: Yes, it is quite bright
*It was a neon pink zip up jacket.  It kind of looks like a highlighter exploded on it.
Man: I'll never lose sight of you.
*That is scary.  I don't even know you.

Conversation #3:
Old Indian Lady: You tall.  You play basketball?
Me: No, I don't.
Old Indian Lady: But you so tall.
Me: Smile.
Old Indian Lady: My daughter-in-law is tall like you.  She plays.
Me: Good for her.  I don't play basketball.  I'm a runner.
Old Indian Lady:  Why?  You should play basketball.
At that point, I gave up.

Conversation #4:
Old Asian Lady says something I cannot understand because of her accent.
I smile and nod in return.
She repeats something, more animated this time.
I smile and nod, still not having a clue what she said.
She says it again.
I say okay because I have no idea what she is saying.

Conversation #5: 
*This happened on Monday night as I was walking out of the gym*
Biker Dude:  I haven't seen you in ages!  Now my day is complete.  Are you enjoying your summer off?
Me:  I'm happy that I made your day complete.
We go on to talk about summer, golfing, cycling, running, injuries, the olympics, and the Boston Marathon.
I actually really like this guy, and hadn't seen him in a long time.  He was a world-class judo star and was going to go to the olympics but suffered a knee injury.

Have you overhead or taken part in any interesting conversations at the gym lately? My favorite conversation post can be found here.  I still go back and read it when I need a good laugh.  


  1. THIS made me laugh. The old ladies in the locker room? hahahahaha! thanks for sharing!

  2. Hahahaha! Thank you SO much for the Thursday laugh. Oh boy! I've had a few weird conversations like that before. I want to see a pic of that jacket. Sounds like something I would like (despite it being pink...).