Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Awkward Running and Triathlon Coversations

A few conversations I've had of late....I couldn't have scripted these if I tried.

Conversation #1: The Awkward Triathlon Conversation

Me: So, Friend A, what are you training for?
Friend A: I think I'm going to try and train for a full triathlon.
Me: There is no such thing as a full triathlon.  Do you mean Olympic distance?  Or Half Ironman?  Or Ironman?
Friend A: A full triathlon. 
Me: What are the distances of each leg?
Friend A: The run is a 10k.  I don't know what the swim and bike distances are.
Me: OK, that is an Olympic distance triathlon.
Friend A: Yes, a full triathlon.

Sometimes, I just give up. 

Conversation #2:  The Awkward Marathon Conversation

Friend B: So, what are you training for right now?
Me: I'm going to be running a marathon in late I'm training for that.
Friend B: How long is this marathon?
Me: All marathons are 26.2 miles.
Friend B: Wow!  That is so long.

Well, it is no longer than any other marathon.

Conversation #3: The Awkward Half Marathon Conversation

Friend C: You run a lot.
Me: You could say that.
Friend C: What is your next race?
Me: I'm running a half marathon in mid-January.  It is outside and along the lakefront in Chicago.
Friend C: Why would you do that?
Me: I love to run.  Also, it fits into my training schedule right now. 
Friend C: Do you run them fast?
Me: I think I am a decent runner. 
Friend C: What is your fastest time?
Me: I ran a 1:40:14 last March. 
Friend C:  Is that fast?
Me: It is a 7:39 per mile average.
Friend C: That doesn't seem too hard...I bet I could do that.

***Friend C has not run a race in over a year and does not run regularly.***

Conversation #4: The Awkward 5k Conversation

Friend D: I am going to sign up and run my first 5k this year.
Me: Awesome!  I am so happy for you.  I love it when my friends run.
Friend D: It will be hard to run 5 miles.
Me: Wait...are you running a 5k or a 5 mile race?
Friend D: 5k.
Me: Okay, that is 3.1 miles. 
Friend D: I thought 5k was 5 miles.
Me: No, each kilometer is like 0.62 of a mile.
Friend D: Awesome!  I get to run less.

At least Friend D is running.  Maybe, one day, he'll be up for 5 miles.

Please share....have you had any comical conversations lately?!?


  1. OMG these were classic! hilarious!
    I ALWAYS get the question, "so how long is this marathon that you're running?" no matter what the distance.
    I also had a friend tell me he could run 5k in 15 minutes. He thought a few trips around the track was 5k.

  2. OOOOMMMGGGG!!! Hilarious and part of our life too. Before I read #4, I was thinking well, at least she wasnt asked about running that 5k marathon. Then #4 doesnt disappoint.

    At least you dont have to try and explain aquabikes...... and then be asked how my marathon went

  3. Oh man that's too funny!! I've talked to a bunch of people who think 5k equals 5 miles! lol