Thursday, January 12, 2012

Snow Running

Yesterday the weather in Chicago was a nice 50-degree day.  I got to run outside in shorts.

Today?  We got over 4 inches of snow and had to pull out all of my winter weather running gear, bundle up, and was not warm until mile 4 of a 6 mile run.  We ran on snow-covered trails/path.  I've never done this before and although my pace was probably the slowest I've ever run 6 miles in, it felt like I was working so hard.  Running in the snow and through it is hard work. 

I got an email today from The Polar Dash people and they are rescheduling the race until next weekend.  I was disappointed to read this, but they said they had to postpone the race for safety reasons.  I now have to decide how many miles I am going to run on Sunday.  I'm torn...

This is a step-back week for me, where my long run (in this case, race) is supposed to be shorter.  Do I run 12 or 13 miles, as originally planned?

Or do I run my long run distance for next week (18 miles) this week? 

Decisions, decisions.  What would you do?


  1. Good luck with whatever you choose!

  2. That's tough...if you're looking at polar dash as a PR attempt, I'd stick with the step back. But if you wanted to run it more for fun, I'd do the 18 this weekend.

  3. 4 inches that is crazy. You make me feel like a wus. I am running 10 miles on a treadmill because Dallas is like 40 degrees and to me that is cold.