Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Average Runner and Me

Ever wonder how you compare to the average runner?

How I Compare to the Average Female Runner
I was a little surprised at the comparison.

Average Age: 38.5
Me: I'm in my 20s

Average Weight: 137.6 pounds
Me: I don't talk about my weight because it is deceiving a lot of the time. 

Average Body Mass Index: 22.9
Me: 19.5

Average Height: 5 feet, 5 inches
Me: 6 feet

Average Weight Satisfaction: 40.9%
Me: I'm happy with my weight

Percent Married: 63.2%
Me: I'm not married

Percent that are College Educated: 78.2%
Me: I have both a college degree and a Master's degree

Most women prefer to run half marathons (39%)
Me: I don't know if I have a specific distance that I prefer to run anymore.  I find many distances both challenging and rewarding.  I will say my least favorite distance is a 10k.

Average Days Run Each Week: 4
Me: 6

Average that Run 4+ hours each week: 70.4%
Me: Yes, I run more than 4 hours each week.

Average Miles Per Week: 21.9
Me: Last year, I averaged 33.7 miles per week, which surprises me.  I though I would have averaged more.

Average Number of Running Events Attended Last Year: 7.2
Me: 12 + 2 multi sport (duathlons)

Percent that Run every Month: 77.7%
Me: I run outside every month

Average Running History: 9.9 years
Me: I am not sure what defines "history."  I tell people that I have been really racing for 3 years, although I started running back in junior high, which is many more years before that. 

Spent over $100 on Running Clothes Last Year: 80.4%
Me: Yes, I did.  I love running clothes.

Number of Shoes Purchased Last Year: 2.9 pairs
Me: If my calculations are correct, I got 6 pairs last year.

Spent Over $90 on a Pair of Running Shoes: 65.3%
Me: Yes, all of mine were over that amount.

Motivation: Varies
Me: I love running.

How do you compare to the average runner? 

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