Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Don't Bring your Jealousy Here

This is a two-part post because I feel like i need to say something first, and then the bottom is what I actually intended on posting.  I have a feeling this will be a long post, but hopefully you understand.

Part 1 - Don't bring your jealousy and negativity here

I never kept a journal when I was younger and don't have a typical one now.  A few years ago, when one of my friends encouraged me to start blogging (thank you, K!), I thought it was a good idea but didn't realize the value it would have to me in the future (now). 

I blog so I can re-read my thought and perspectives on different races, workouts, runs, and other things I post about.  Mostly, my blog has been an outlet for me to talk about my love of running and racing.  I have re-read posts that I have done after a race to learn more about what happened so I can become a better runner. 

Recently, I posted the statement that I thought I went from being an "OK" runner to a "good" runner in 2011.  When I did my first distance race in 2006, I was just thrilled to cross the finish line.  As with anything, the more you work at it, the more improvements you will see.  I had my fair share of good races last year, and others that were disappointing, but I am thankful I got to run all of them, and have success at most.  After all of my races, not only do I post my thoughts and opinions about the race, but also my time and pace.  Why do I do this?  So then I can easily look back to see what I ran.  It is simple  - I do it for me. 

Yesterday, someone posted a link to my "awkward conversations" post and told me that I am becoming a running snob, should more or less be "less of a runner" and more of a human being because soon I'll be putting berries in my water to make me run faster, while only reading running books. 

First, I think you took the post the wrong way.  It was a comical look at what people say in response to me telling them about racing.  I found them funny...we obviously have different senses of humor.

Second, I LOVE TO RUN.  Maybe you love to do something else that I don't like or does not interest me, like hiking.  Does that make you a hiking snob?  No, it means that you are different than me.  My passion and joy for running helps me live a better life.  I am a happier person because of it.  As with all things that I am passionate about, I want to get better.  I have worked hard and continue to work hard to make my dreams a reality.  For example, this year I want to break 20 minutes in a 5k.  Running that time does not just happen for most people.  Track, tempo runs, lifting weights among other things will make that dream a reality. 

Perhaps my "running snob" com mentor is a recreational runner only.  That is great - I am still glad you are running because it will greatly improve your health.  However, I am sure that my goals are much, much different than yours.  If you were to post on your blog something about a certain run, would I negatively comment?  No.  I don't do that.  And I don't want it on my blog.

If you plan on commenting something negative on my blog in the future, I would advise you to think before you actually do it.  Your comments could not be more off base.  Do you even know me?  No, you know the small fraction of my life that I chose to share on my blog.  I constantly run with people who are both faster and slower than myself and enjoy each opportunity.   

With all that being said, this blog is not for negativity and jealousy.  Leave your comments elsewhere - they are not appreciate, wanted, or acceptable here.

And for all of my other favorites who read my blog and love to run, keep running.  If I find that putting berries in my water makes me faster, I'll be sure to share the information, as I'm sure it could lead to massive PRs. 

Part 2 - Yesterday's Phenomenal Modified Track Workout

Yesterday I was thrilled with my modified 800 workout.  Although I feel like I've run a lot of 800s recently, none were as fast as my last two on Tuesday night.  I only did half of the 800s (4 instead of 8) because I'm racing on Saturday.

*400 recoveries between 800s
Warm-up - 8:01 pace
800 #1 - 3:09 (6:14 pace)
800 #2 - 3:10 (6:16 pace)
800 #3 - 2:58 (5:52 pace)
800 #4 - 3:00 (6:03 pace)
2+ miles of cool-down

Although I was running with some of the guys from the running group, they are much faster than me so I ended up running my 800s by myself.  Given my times and the fact that I was on my own with no one else running near my speed, I am happy.  Look out....Saturday is going to be awesome, even if it is supposed to snow and be cold.

Do you have any comments, not of the negative "running snob" variety?

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  1. I was just reading someone else's blog about receiving similar comments and I was just stunned. I haven't had any of those (I'm sure I will eventually) but I just find it incredibly rude. I think people feel so low about themselves and/or their running and feel they have to bring others down with them. So stupid. You are awesome and you can wrote anything you absolutely want to and if other don't like it, oh well, they don't have to comment.
    Thanks for sharing! Good luck in your race this weekend!