Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Intentions vs. Follow Through

I made my Illinois Marathon training plan in December - which now sees like forever ago.  I wanted a plan to follow, something to tell me what to run so I would not have to think about it when I was busy.  If it says "run 7 miles" I planned on just running 7 miles.

What I gravely misjudged was that I would be training in Winter and the time of day it is light outside is far less than in Summer, which is also the time of year I don't have to work.  I love to run, especially outside.  But, I like to run when it is above 50 degrees, sunny, with no wind or precipitation.  We all know that those days are few and far between.  Although the Chicago winter has been anything but a typical winter this year, it has been hard to train in. 

My Tuesdays are supposed to be track workouts.  With the snow, the track where I meet some of the guys from my running club is covered and icy.  Therefore, we've been running stairs (which I am not a fan of), and hills (which I am liking more and more).  Track starts at 6, so it is always dark.  Running in the dark is great every once in a while....I just don't like to do it multiple times a week, which is what has been happening.

Today, after working out at my gym beforehand, which is typical, I started to change to get ready for track.  I think people at the gym think I'm crazy - I workout there, change into running tights and a jacket, some type of hat, gloves, different shoes, and strap on my Garmin before leaving.  Today, I got in my car and decided to drive home.  I had absolutely no desire to run in the dark and in the cold (it was a balmy 30 outside).

As I was driving, I tried to justify it to myself:  you just ran a race on Saturday and an 18.5 mile long run on Sunday; it is dark and relatively cold outside; the marathon is still three months away; your legs need a break; there is always tomorrow.  The excused poured from my mind.  In reality, the two miles I got in at the gym before leaving were all that were going to be logged today. 

I am getting to the point in my training where I cannot and do not want to miss runs.  I have  big goals that I'd like to accomplish at this marathon that I want to see happen.  Skipping runs is not how a person BQs. 

Therefore, I have decided that tomorrow will  be my first double run day of the year.  I plan on going to the gym early tomorrow morning to run an easy 5, and then return at night to run the 5 that were on my training plan for the day, along with some biking and lifting. 

Tomorrow I am going to follow through on my marathon plan.  I will log my miles every week.  Why?

Because winter miles bring spring and summer smiles.

And I want to have a big smile on marathon day.

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  1. I hear you. Although I am not following any sort of specific plan for running I'm just not feeling it this winter. I just keep climbing on my bike trainer because it doesn't require layers of clothes.
    It's very difficult and I don't blame you for missing a workout. Your dedication is amazing and inspiring. At the same time you are pretty hard on yourself girl!