Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Reviewing January

January Stats:

Running Miles: 173 (my highest mileage month ever - by 1 mile, beating out August of 2011)
Biking Miles: 152
Weight: 10 times

I am happy with January.  I was able to complete long runs of 14, 16, 16 (again), 18.5, and 12 miles in.  I also ran a new 10k PR.  

In February, I hope to continue to run slow, long runs every week, with the 3rd week being a cut-back week; continue speed work; run true tempo runs (this was a January fail); and...SWIM.  Yes, I want to swim.  I don't know how, and honestly, swimming scares me,  But, I want to conquer it in February.  

I do not anticipate running any races in February, but hope to finalize my 2012 racing schedule soon.  I want to have it completed, but just haven't had the time to invest in it yet.  I want it done by mid-February at the absolute latest.  There are a few things already on there (Illinois Marathon, Ragnar Madison to Chicago ultra relay), but there are multiple question marks. 

I hope February is as successful as January!

How was your January?

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