Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekend Recap/Chicago 2012

I'm glad it is Sunday night and the weekend is almost over.  This has been one crappy weekend...the crappiest one in a long, long time.  Without going into too much detail, there were some tears that were shed, not that much sleep, an awful long run with a low blood sugar, and some other stuff.  Life isn't always filled with sunshine, but hopefully tomorrow is.

Weigh in - I want your thoughts!

As many of you know, registration for the Chicago Marathon opens this week.  Although it does not see out in less than a day (like Boston), a person really should register in a week for it.  I have been thinking, and thinking, and done some more thinking about it.  I ran it last year and had a great time.  Should I run it again this year?  It is a tough call.

Reasons to Run Chicago in 2012:
  • It is close to where I live...a mere 30 minutes away.
  • I get to see all of my friends at the aid station (mile 2) from my running club.
  • My running club's summer program is designed for people who run Chicago.
  • It is big, fun, and there is a lot of excitement associated with it.
  • My best friend is also contemplating running it.  Although we would not run together, going through the same training program, running the same mileage, would be neat.
Reasons to not Run Chicago in 2012:
  • I am running the Illinois Marathon in April.  If I quality for Boston there, which is the goal, I would not need to run it.
  • The first half of the course is awesome, and the second half is dull.
  • I could always run another fall marathon if need be, as there are many to choose from.
  • I could volunteer at the Mile 2 aid station with my running club and get to experience the race in a totally different way.
In a very unrelated note, the Polar Dash website posted pictures on Facebook of people running their race.  They got a  picture of me, which many people from my running club have commented on.  I am always amazed how supportive everyone - fast, slow, older, younger - is when something positive happens to a fellow club member.  I think that has been one of the biggest advantages of me joining the club - the never-ending support I get from others (I'm picture 79).

What are your thoughts on running Chicago?  Will you be running this year?   

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  1. What a great picture of you! There are no pics of me in there - that's what happens to the pokey runners when the weather is a challenge :)

    I AM running Chicago. But I'm not sure I would if it weren't for my sister - I have a tough time with the crowds of a giant race. That said, I've always wanted to volunteer it! I kind of hate that all the local fall marathons sell out so quick - you are forced to choose before you know how your spring marathon goes...