Monday, November 21, 2011

Geriatric Unit? No, noon at the gym.

I almost always work out at my gym in the late afternoon or early evening.  I can count on one hand the number of times I was at the gym before 10 AM in the past 3 years.  Given the fact that I go to the gym at the same time (more or less) every single day, I see the same people.  They include:

  • Ultra bike guy that ran the Chicago Marathon last year who always comments on me running it this year.
  • Girl who is on the elliptical for over 2 hours every single day.  One word for her: why?
  • Stinky man who only walks on the treadmill and wears Nike shorts from the 1980s.
  • Young guy who can't figure out what college he likes, as I've seem him wear Stanford, South Carolina, Cincinnati, and Florida State gear.
  • My friend's mom who always says hi
  • Man that bikes and wears black spandex and a neon pink shirt
  • My favorite guy who ran his first half marathon this year and always runs the Shamrock Shuffle
I honestly wonder if people think about what they wear before they go to the gym. 

Today, though, I went to the gym at noon.  We had early out at school and then conferences late afternoon through the evening, so I knew if I was going to run, it had to be around noon.  What did I notice today?

  • It felt like I was in the geriatric unit.
  • I was the youngest by about 50 years.
  • I've never seen so many people working out in bedazzled sweaters and black stretchy pants in my life.
  • 99% of the people had white hair.
  • I was the only person running on the treadmill.  Everyone else was walking.
Although the differences were evident, it was good to see different people.  I saw a cute old guy that I sometimes see at school at the gym.  He addresses me always as "here's that wonderful 5th grade teacher" even though he has never seen me teach.  He's just a genuinely nice man. 

It was nice for a change, but I think I think my normal group of people better.

What is the weirdest outfit you've seen someone working out in before?  The bedazzled holiday sweater takes the cake for me. 


  1. What? Somebody was working out in that? Obviously, they weren't working very hard.

    I use my university gym - there is probably not quite as good of a variety although the girl running on the treadmill in denim cutoffs was amusing............

  2. This post made me laugh!
    I think the worst and most common clothing choice is the women I see who manage to squeeze themselves into shorts that are way too small. Too short and too small = bunched up in all the wrong places and exploding at the seams.
    The worst part about the gym is that you're left with little else to look at.

  3. I am kinda jealous that your gym has that kind of atmosphere, my gym is full of snobs

    The craziest was a woman, wearing a one piece swimsuit OVER spandex!!! You cant make that up even if you tried