Monday, November 28, 2011

Funny Things at Thanksgiving

On most holidays I get to see some members of my extended family.  This past weekend, I got to see members of both my mom's side and my dad's side on different days.  Since my brother moved to Colorado, going back to visit my childhood city is different.  There is no one to bug to go on a tempo run with, but that doesn't mean the trip isn't wonderful. 

As most people do, I love my family.  My mom's extended family is much bigger than my dad's, and is comprised of 23  people.  On Thanksgiving day, my mom's brother and sister came to visit, along with my aunt and 4 cousins.  Some of the following topics/comments were made on Thanksgiving:
  • One of my cousins in finishing her student teaching right now.  We had a funny conversation about names.  What would you call this name?  La-a.  It's La(dash)a.  Another variation is La-ia.  Although, it was sad to me when my cousin told me she had a student name Shithead, pronounced
    "Shitheed."  Would could possibly name a child that?  That is awful.
  • Many comments made from my Grandma about how windy the weather is.  My dad also informed me that Chicago is not named the Windy City for the actual wind.  Apparently it had something to do with politics, which I never knew.
  • My uncle said that the book "Run less, Run Faster" is a phenomenal book.  He's a big believer in it and thinks the training plan can get him to BQ this year.  We might run the same marathon in the spring.  I learned so much from training for the Chicago Marathon and know what I need to change this time.  I am not going to follow that plan, but will be making my own and starting in the next few weeks.  I'm excited for it to begin again.
Other things were discussed that had us laughing for many minutes, however, they all seem to escape me now.  The name comments were the ones that really stuck out, though.

On Saturday night my dad's parents and my aunt that lives in Chicago came to our house for dinner.  You must understand that my grandpa is EXTREMELY cheap.  He grew up in the Depression, which I think impacts his cheapness a great deal.  My favorite comment is below:

  • My aunt came back to my parent's house later that night to visit some more.  After discussing various things with my dad (nursing homes, traveling, cooking, and the like), I came in to talk to them.  My aunt told one of the best stories ever.
    • A few years ago, my grandpa asked my aunt if she wanted a burial plot for her birthday present that year.  My aunt, as she was re-telling the story, goes "Nothing says happy birthday more than a burial plot."  I just have to laugh. 

I love my family and all their uniqueness.

What is the weirdest birthday present you've ever received? 


  1. Well, mine doesnt top a burial site, but for my 18th birthday, I received 18 shares of stock, at 18 you dont think, know about, or care about stocks, I still have it

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