Monday, November 14, 2011

Random Thoughts on and about WDD

Today is World Diabetes Day.  Many people celebrate this day, or the day they were diagnosed.  I don't celebrate either.  It is just another day in my life.  In a recent card, I was encouraged to take part in the Big Blue Test.   

I had to go to the website to see exactly what they wanted me to do.  I knew it related to exercising and testing my blood sugar, but that was all I knew. 

The premise of the test is to test, exercise for 14-20 minutes, and then test again.  Theoretically, my blood sugar should be lower because I exercised.

Here's what they don't know or get: I really don't like it when my blood sugar drops when I exercise.  Also, I don't know the last time I exercised for only 14-20 minutes.  Don't get me wrong...I think that is a great goal when you start exercising.  But, for me, I feel like I am beyond that in my exercise routine. 

Anyway, I did complete the Big Blue Test.  Please note that my meter is still set an hour ahead...I have not changed it yet for Daylight Savings Time.

Before running blood sugar:

Before running snack:

Chocolate Chip Clif Bar (no bolus)

A little less than one hour (7 miles) of glorious running outside on a trail later...

I wore blue for World Diabetes Day when I was running.

Post-run blood sugar

I really, really wanted to keep running, but it was almost dark, and I do not run outside on a trail when it is dark by myself.  It is just not safe.

I drove to my gym to do some more cardio, which included:
  • 1 mile running on the treadmill (8 miles total for the day)
  • 1 mile on the elliptical
  • 1 mile on the stair master
  • 8 miles on the stationary bike
My post-cardio gym blood sugar was:

Other stuff....
  • Can someone please explain to me why people are not honest?
  • I am extremely disappointed in person/people (see above) for not being honest.
  • These are not people/a person who I interact with on a daily basis (thankfully).
  • People who are not honest and kind are people who I don't want to interact with.
  • Now that I learn more, things are starting to make more sense.
  • It is their loss more than mine.
I think it is only fitting to close this section with a saying that my dad and I joke about: I am wonderful...if I do say so myself.  One must say it with her nose in the air, though, and in the snottiest tone possible.  And then "uh, huh" after done speaking the words.

Back to today....

I did tell my homeroom students that it was World Diabetes Day, and that they all were celebrating it because they were wearing blue, which is part of their uniforms.  I, on the other hand, was wearing purple.  They liked it more when I told them about National Cookie Monster Day.

A student then told me the following: "A friend of mine told me that he heard that if you play 3 hours straight of Wii you'll get diabetes."  To which I replied, "you friend misinformed you." 

At least tomorrow is Tuesday, and Tuesday is always better than Monday.


  1. I have to admit I never did the Big Blue Test *gasp* because I never exercise for only 14 to 20 minutes.
    I am still envious that you can do all that exercising without mucking with your basals.
    I did not wear blue for WDD. I didn't really do anything. I ran, I went to work, then I got on my trainer and went to bed.
    Tuesday is definitely better than monday.

    I'm sorry that someone was not honest with you. You don't need that. Glad you know you're better than that. :)

  2. Since I am new to all of this, is it approiate to say "Happy World Diabetes day"

    Interesting on the Blue Test, my s/o hasnt taken one, she has type 2

    Most people suck, that is why we have a handful of true friends

    Yes, I do have a friend on TT1, Tom Kingery, freaking gifted athlete, fasted triathlete that I know personally, lives 15 minutes from me, he is doing the run across america, which ended yesterday in NY