Friday, November 11, 2011

In the mail...

The old way of communicating via letter in the mail has rapidly decreased since the Internet was born.  Why would someone hand-write a letter when typing an email and sending it to the recipient immediately is so much more convenient? 

My mom loves "real mail."  So much that when my siblings and I went to college she hand-wrote a letter to each of us every single week for 4 years.  After college, when I moved to Ohio, my mom continued to write me, just not as often.  Then, when I moved to Illinois, she reverted back to her old ways and sends me something in the mail at least once a week.  Some weeks, I'll get a two things. 

I once asked her why she enjoyed "real mail" so much.  Her response was that it showed how much someone appreciated you because they gave up their time to do something for you, for nothing in return.  Plus, most mail is boring or bills, so having something nice come is wonderful.

I am one of the few people in the world that still write letters to people.  Although it does not happen that often, I always enjoy doing it.

This week I was delighted to receive a letter back from the person who got my World Diabetes Day postcard.  Her note was so nice.

In addition to sending her my postcard, I also wrote her a note.  The person I got is the president/owner/person in charge of a female diabetes exercise organization.  I was so happy to get to send something to a person who values exercise as much as me.  Getting real mail does brighten my day!

Do you enjoy "real mail?"  Do you send any out, or are you an email-only person?


  1. I love "real mail". I wish more people were into writing letters. I send out handwritten letters every once in a while. When I send thank-you notes, they always have a long message written inside too.

  2. I love this, my mother sends me real mail as well, I love getting it