Thursday, November 17, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1.  It went from being incredibly nice outside to bone-chilling cold in a few days.  Tuesday I ran 10 miles with shorts and a long sleeve shirt on.  Today?  6 miles in my winter running tights, long sleeve shirt, jacket, and gloves and  was still cold.  I need to get used to this cold doesn't appear to be going anywhere as winter is just around the corner.

2.  I've made up my mind...I am going to run a spring marathon.  I am not sure what month I want to target or even what race or where I want to run, but I am doing it. 

3.  I'm trying to formulate my goals for the 2012 season.  I have many, but I need to really focus on a few, otherwise none will get accomplished well.  I need to think some more about many choices.  So many things I'd like to try. 


  1. Oh man the weather did the same thing here. It's so hard to run in that cold weather. So many extra layers. It sucks.
    I'm happy to hear you will be running a spring marathon! you go girl.

  2. I just bought a running jacket, waiting for it to arrive

    Glass City in Toledo is a small and cheap mary held on 4-22 this year, decent swag too

    Flying Pig on May 6 in Cincinnati, its hilly though