Friday, May 17, 2013

Diabetes Blog Week #5 - Switch Disease Day

When you consider all things, diabetes, although it is a pain sometimes, definitely is not the worst chronic condition one could have.  I thought about other chronic conditions and many are a lot worse, so coming up with a disease I would want to switch with was rather challenging.  Ideally, diabetes would just go away.  However, that isn't happening soon, so instead I would become Celiac in its place.

Changing my diet wouldn't be too awful to do.  I went gluten free for a bit last year during marathon training and it was just a different way to think about food.  Obviously, if you do eat gluten than that would suck.  However, there are so many people jumping on the GF band wagon that it is easy to find options to eat at most restaurants.  Some of my favorite foods are GF anyway, including my favorite: 

Although I don't truly consider myself part of the DOC, given the fact that not too many diabetes topics are spoken about here, I don't think it has impacted how I treat others' medical conditions.  I am a caring person by nature, so I am concerned when someone else gets hurt, injured, or sick.  But that is part of who I am, and would be regardless of other people.

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  1. I like your attitude about how being part of the DOC hasn't changed your feelings toward other people with chronic conditions. I too hope that I am sensitive and empathetic regardless of the challenges I myself am facing. There's always people who will say the "wrong" thing, but I usually give them the benefit of the doubt. They are probably saying the "wrong" thing in an attempt to show us that they care.