Thursday, May 23, 2013

Rockford 10k Race Report

Do you ever have the feeling that you are capable of much more than your performance showed?  That is the feeling that I left the Rockford 10k with last Sunday.  After speaking with my running coach the races held that day, we decided that it would be most beneficial if I raced the 10k and not the half marathon, as I originally wanted.

Mile 5.5 

My goal was to run the first mile in 7:00 or 7:05 and then run the rest in the 6:50s, so I would average 6:55 or so for the race.  I'm here to say that did not happen.  It wasn't even close.  I ended up averaging 7:04 for the race, and ran about 20 seconds slower than my PR from last year.

Getting my check

There is a lot I should be happy about.  I was 13th overall and the 2nd place female.  This race gives out money to the top 3, so I got a $50 check.  This is the first time I have ever won money for running.  Three of my running club teammates were running in the races, and there were an additional 4 that came to spectate/bike/cheer for us.  Doesn't it all sound great?

This past year, I have had concrete goals for a lot of races and fell short every single time.  The races where I had no goals were the ones that I ran my fastest.  I don't get it.  I can get 3 hours of sleep before a half marathon and run a 1:36 on the hilliest course in Illinois, but actually get sleep and proper rest only to run a 43:53 10k on a flat course?

With all that aside, I'll continue to race and have goals.  Hopefully I can achieve them this summer/fall.  I did accomplish one goal for this race, although it had nothing to do with time.  I've always felt that my body is too fat to only race in shorts and a sports bra.  But, I wanted to overcome that, and I did.  I raced in my shorts and sports bra, and was thankful I did due to the incredibly high humidity.  At least I achieved one goal, right?  It is the small things in life that matter!


  1. Wow great job! I have been running for about 8 months now and in my wildest dream, I could never imagine running a 6:50 mile! It's so great to read about other T1Ds that are racing-gives me some inspiration. Great job! (Even if you didn't finish in the time you wanted) How did your blood sugars do during the race?

  2. Congrats on 2nd place overall and winning the $50. I have never won cash. That is pretty cool. See you in Wheaton at the Run for the Animals. :-)