Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Favorite Diabetes Number


Is it weird that whenever I see the number 83 on my meter screen that a smile crosses my face? I thoroughly enjoy being 83.

I have always liked numbers. I love math (even as a student, when most kids don't like it, it was always one of my favorite subjects and now is my favorite class to teach). One year for Christmas I even got a book all about numbers that famous sports players wore. I have read the entire book, too.

To me, 83 is the perfect number. It means that I do not have to take a correction bolus for being too high, or eat something or take less insulin for being too low. It means that I get to remain where I am, in my happy world.

Growing up, my parents always got excited about the number 100. They always tired to make a big deal about congratulating me for being "the perfect number." However, I have never succeeded at being 100. Rarely when I test does that number come up on my screen. Last week, when I was on vacation/break, I actually got a reading of 100. I went to show my dad because I was in disbelief. (My body likes the number 98 a lot I noticed and is not a big fan of 100).

When it comes to all other numbers, I am a big fan of 31. I was born on the 13th, the reverse of 31. It was my basketball number all 4 years of high school. Growing up I loved Reggie Miller, who also wore 31. 31 and I have a long history together. It has been good to me.

However, 31 is not a number I like to see on my screen. For those readings, I'll stick to my 83, which makes me smile.

(Side note/update: I had a good run today....9 miles with 1 cool down in a decent time. I am happy with it. The field trip went well. It was just a little chilly but the sun was out and the kids had a good time.)

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