Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Straight Lines

If you know me in real life, or if you were to meet me, you would know that I am very particular about certain things. Ask people about my eating habits, and they would tell you I like my food a certain, particular way. I like my vegetables burned a little bit in the microwave (I know it is weird), eating carrots at every meal, cinnamon on my oatmeal in the morning, having a Fuze at 9:00 everyday, and absolutely nothing involving ketchup or oranges/orange flavoring.

I like to lift light weights two days (but only two) a week, on Monday and Wednesday. I like to walk at least a half mile after each run to cool down and think about how the run went and what I will be doing the rest of my day. If I am on a machine at the gym, I always have to end perfectly on a mile or half mile increment. I could never run say 5.14 miles. The thought of that just makes me get annoyed.

Ever since I got my CGM, I have wanted to see a straight line on my 24-hour graph. I hate having high blood sugars more than anything and avoid them at all possible costs. My trouble time is in the night, and I can't really figure out what is going on. Since I am on vacation this week, I decided to experiment with some stuff. I set a temporary basal for the past two nights so I coudl see the difference in my 2-4 am numbers. Increasing it slightly has made a noticeable difference and I have not gone high (high is relative, though: my CGM alarms at 200).

As I was checking my CGM today while visiting with my grandparents, I noticed something that my anal self become delighted in: a straight line for my 24-hour blood sugar graph. I felt so proud of myself. I have seen many straight lines on my 3-hr. graphs, but never one this straight on my 24-hr. graph. I felt like doing a victory dance right then and there!

There have been many days since getting my CGM that I have not had my high alarm vibrate at me, but never once has a line been so straight. I hope to see many more straight lines in the future.

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