Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Running Update

I feel like the Flying Pig will hit me hard. The past couple days have been rather rough for me, and I have not logged nearly as many miles as I should have. This weekend I plan on driving down to Cincy to see the course and the hills. I do better if I know where I am going, instead of just running and following people.

I have been so tired lately (really the past 2 days). I can tell I need to get more sleep at night (which I plan on doing tonight...hopefully). I know that I run better, feel better, and am able to accomplish much more when I am well-rested. Hopefully a quality night of sleep will help me have a good, long run tomorrow.

My students are also going on a field trip tomorrow. We are going to a retreat center to "hike" some trails, visit a grotto, write some prayers, and then, of course, have some time for recess. It has rained a lot here lately and I am pretty sure the trails will be very muddy. I am not a mud person, but hopefully will manage. I'll put on a pair of old running shoes for the hike and be good to go. Not that my 10 and 11-year old students can move at a blistering speed... Hopefully the rain will hold off and it will be sunny during the time we are there, like the Weather Channel has predicted.

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