Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Insulin Intake

I often wonder if I use too much insulin on a daily basis compared to other diabetics. I know every one's body is different and the activities a person participates in, such as running, effect insulin intake. Is there some sort of range that I am supposed to be in? It is a question I've never known the answer to in all of the years I've had diabetes.

I know that my activity level greatly impacts my insulin sensitivity. When I am logging more miles running then my insulin need decreases. Currently, I am averaging about 25 units a day (combining both basal and bolus totals). Sometimes I wonder if I am eating too much. Although I do not usually have a problem with over consumption, I know I eat more during training periods due to the fact that I am burning more calories. there a range for insulin intake that I should aim to be in? How many units do you average? Another other advice?


  1. So you're right, it is personal, and it depends on your activity levels. I average 25-35 units/day when I'm being active. Bad days, lazy days, sick days, and cold weather, my average daily intake is more like 40-50.

    I believe my endocrinologist once told me that there is no golden range. Obviously, the more insulin you take, the more likely you are to gain weight, but the biggest goal is to be consistent i.e. have the same daily total plus or minus a few units.

  2. I honestly do not think we can really compare. Mostly because I tell everyone I know "every diabetic is different". And it's totally true. I had a man once tell me that (back in the days of only insulin shots) if you're taking about 10 units a day you're in really good health. Ummm then I'm in really BAD health! But, I'm doctors always tell me I'm one of the healthiest they've seen in terms of other complications. (I have nothing else "wrong" because of diabetes.) Weird and lucky? Maybe. But, I just think everyone's body is different. I'm not sure there is a "perfect range" we should strive for. Just, the one that makes our bodies work most efficiently.

  3. I imagine you weigh a bit less than I do, around 170#. I use about 40 units per day, and I've never had anyone say that indicated I was eating too much or had any level of insulin resistance. I don't think you have anything to worry about.