Sunday, October 17, 2010

October Madness

My next race is a 15k, another new distance for me to conquer. It is called the Hot Chocolate Race and every time I go to the website I just think about how wonderful the post-race party will be. I'm excited to run this race because my mom is coming from Iowa for it, and it is my first race in Chicago. Yay! I've been thinking about how to train for a 15k a lot lately. I feel like a 10k isn't that hard since I do a lot of 5-7 mile runs normally, but 9.3 is a bit longer. Today I ran 8 wonderful pain-free miles at a 7:56 pace and then walked another one just because I felt so good about my run. Any suggestions on how my training should go? The race is on Saturday, November 6th.

I think this might be one of the busiest weeks of my life. On tap for this week:
  • 3 sessions of physical therapy (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), each lasting 1 hour
  • Moving on Saturday. Not far - just to another suburb. But I have some major packing to do.
  • First quarter ends at school, meaning report cards are due soon.
  • I'm getting observed by my principal at school.
  • Meeting friends on Wednesday (we typically do this).
  • Training for the Hot Chocolate Race

Now that I type it out, it really does not seem like that much. But, I am a person who likes routine in every aspect of my life. The majority of things on my list are not normal for me, which means I'll have to rearrange my schedule to make time for them. I know that sleep must remain a top priority for me, as I cannot function well if I'm not well-rested. Hopefully I'll make it through next weekend. Do you have a busy week?

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  1. That race sounds fantastic - sweet treat to look forward too!