Sunday, October 31, 2010

21 Years Ago Today...

my mom took me to the doctor's office and was told that I had diabetes. My mom always tells me she knew something was wrong when I drank 2 glasses of milk before dinner eat night when I did not even like milk. Even though it was Halloween, I got to trick-or-treat. The next day I went to the U of I hospitals and clinics for 1 week. I don't' really remember too much of it, except that one day I got to make a little pizza and my parents told me I could not have it so I gave it to my dad to eat. Later, they found out I could have it and apologized multiple times.

I never liked Halloween growing up due to the fact it was when I was diagnosed. However, this year I decided to celebrate. It is just another day. Just because I was diagnosed on Halloween does not mean I must mourn all day. In honor of that, I went out and had a fabulous time this weekend. Lack of sleep doubled with dancing all night made for a rather tiresome day, but it was worthwhile. Halloween this year was memorable. (more on this later in the week)

Here are 21 things I have learned in 21 years of living with diabetes...
  1. Although I have diabetes, it does not dictate how I live my life.
  2. Unlike what the general public assumes, sweets will not kill me. The public often assumes wrong when it comes to type 1 diabetes.
  3. Transition from shots to an insulin pump was something I dreaded at first, but am so glad I ended up doing.
  4. Good doctors are a god-send.
  5. The online community is supportive. Reading blogs is something I never imagined myself doing, but now cannot imagine not doing it.
  6. I am stronger than I think I am.
  7. My fingers will always have dots on them, and that is okay. Sometimes other finger sticks will bleed to create random designs when I am checking my blood sugar. My favorite is the face. : -
  8. I've made so many mistakes with my diabetes, but have learned from each one. They have each made me a stronger person. (see #6)
  9. If a guy can't accept the fact that I have diabetes, he is a jerk.
  10. Being thankful that I am alive, healthy, and with no complications is something I hope will continue.
  11. Running helps me manage my diabetes better.
  12. Other sports do crazy things to my blood sugar.
  13. I love my meter, although it may be old school.
  14. Tucking my tubing in to pockets is necessary so my site does not get ripped out by a door, which has happened a number of times.
  15. People often think an insulin pump is not an insulin pump, but rather an ipod or camera. Don't you like to take pictures of your legs?
  16. Consistency is key to my management.
  17. Having a schedule and sticking to it help me manage my life and diabetes better
  18. People will always doubt what I am capable of if they only see a diseases, not a person.
  19. Support is key, no matter who it comes from.
  20. D-anniversaries should be celebrated, just like birthdays. It is a accomplishment to make it another year.
  21. Getting advice from others helps me take better care of myself. Thank you!

Over the past 21 years, I have heard so many times that a cure will be found for diabetes soon. That would be great, but whatever. I don't remember my life without it and think it would be weird but wonderful to transition to a life living d-free. However, I'm not sure that will ever happen. But it is always nice to hope.


  1. Love this list, going to borrow this idea for my 12th anniversary this Saturday. You rock, 21 years! CONGRATS!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I still have lots to learn!