Sunday, April 24, 2011

This Weekend in Pictures

I love where I live, but there is just something about going back to where I grew up that comforts me.  Maybe it is the fact that the pace of life just seems so much slower, or maybe because the people are friendlier. 

The drive from Illinois to Iowa is a whole lot of...nothing, for the most part.  It rained almost the entire way there on Friday.

Along I-88 in Illinois. 

Random farm in Illinois.  Many people think Iowa has the most farms, but Illinois has their fair share, too!

Another farm.

A different landscape, finally!  This got me dreaming about traveling to far away places, like Egypt.

Almost to my parent's house...just have to cross the Mississippi.  See all the buildings?  Iowa is not just made up of farms, contrary to popular belief.

Crossing the bridge from Illinois into Iowa. 

It rained all day in Iowa.  This flower outside my parent's house clearly displays that fact.  This is my favorite picture, hands-down.

My mom had some Easter decorations out around the house.  The bunnies on the table have me, my brother's and sister's names painted on them.  My grandpa made them when we were really little, but I think my mom will put them out even when we are much older. 

I forgot to take a picture of the purple egg, my favorite. 

Easter Lily.

Heading back to Illinois, crossing the Mississippi at a different point this time.  I always drive to my parent's house one way and back to Illinois a different way.  I like the variety.

A whole lot of flat farmland.  Aren't the clouds interesting, though?  I thought they looked perfect.

I couldn't help but take a picture of this sign.  It made me think of my upcoming half marathon and goal times.  This exit is for Rockford, where my next half will be.  I will run faster than 1:39:51!!!

I'm off of work tomorrow...woo hoo!  I plan on running my long run and doing some major biking/teaching myself how to use my newly-bought road bike. 

Do you ever find inspiration from road signs?   

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