Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts

First, and foremost, I got a new bike for my race on Saturday.  I am excited!!  I am too tall for a women's bike, so I had to get a men's.  I've always been tall (actually, I am the short kid in my family), so it does not really bother me.  Doesn't it just look fast?

I decided to get a device that would tell me my speed and how many miles I have biked.  I thought it would be very helpful for races as well as training.

Can you see my reflection?

Yesterday was a crappy day weather-wise.  It was in the low 50s and rainy.  After I got up and looked at the forecast, I saw that it was supposed to rain every hour of the day.  I needed to get in a long run for the week, so I dressed appropriately so I would not be freezing.

I felt like it was winter again with my running tights.  I went out to do one of my favorite routes consisting of a 5.5-mile loop trail, and was originally going to do the loop twice.  However, I stopped after one time because I was freezing.  It was so cold and wet and rather miserable.  I even had my visor on to shield my face from the rain, but it didn't help too much.

I ended up going to my gym to finish the rest of my miles.  Another 10 are in the book in my quest to break 1:40 for the Rockford Half Marathon.  I then went out to test my new bike.  I had to figure out how things worked and everything.  It was still bitterly cold outside so I only ended up doing 5 miles, but got (mostly) everything figured out.  It calmed my nerves for Saturday. 

As the week continues on and Saturday draws closer, I am getting more and more excited.  I am curious to see how I'll do.  Any advice on a runner turned duathlete (is that the name of a person who completes in a duathlon?) for the weekend? 

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  1. Oh there is nothing quite like the sight of a brand new roadie! sweet sweet bliss! I know what you mean about the stupid wet cold. I have been at the gym every day and it's totally a bummer. It's almost May! good luck this weekend on your spiffy new fast bike. :)