Monday, April 18, 2011

Endo Visit and Exciting News

Can I just say one more time how much I like my endocrinologist?  My main goal was to have a higher A1C.  Although that did  not happen (actually, it went down 0.1), my endo told me I was doing such a better job than before. 

The main difference from the last time I saw him is that I started to do the majority of my training at at a temporary basal (currently 73%, but needs to be a little lower).  We talked about this at my last appointment and recapped at this one how it was working.  One thing that I truly appreciate is that my doctor knows that I cannot make drastic changes overnight.  It takes me a long time to change things.  He was thrilled that I lowered my temp basal even lower than what he suggested (80%). 

We then discussed my A1C and blood sugars.  My current A1C was 5.7, which is lower than my last visit.  However, I am not having as many lows.  Win, win!  I still hope to have a higher A1C the next time, as I want to try to have even tighter control.  I can't remember the last time my A1C was in the 6s or above....I think it was when I was in junior high.  My basals seem fine to him as well, which I was thrilled about as well.  There is nothing worse for me than basal testing.  If I don't get to eat I get grouchy, just like a baby. 

Next up was my feet.  I have been having some trouble with my toes, which is really strange.  He took a look at them, pressed them some funny ways, but said that it was probably just an issue stemming from my running.  Since it is not impacting my stride or hurt when resting, he said I could probably just let it go.  Then he said that it might be good for me to take some time off of running, but followed it up by "I just wasted air and time by saying that to you."  Yes, doc, you did.  (However, I did take today off after my big mileage weekend.)

Before I left, my doctor asked me about my upcoming races.  I filled him in on the NW Passage relay I'm doing with Insulindependce, how I signed up for the Chicago Marathon, and what I am currently training for now (half marathon and duathlon).  I also might do the Chicago to Madison relay this summer...I need to decide tonight, though.  Decisions, decisions.  However, I told him my main reason for signing up for the NW Relay was to meet other diabetic runners.  He told me that he works with quite a few marathoners and said he might see if there is interest in getting together sometime.  I told him I would do it in a heartbeat.  How great would that be? 

Finally, and maybe most importantly in my life, I have an interview set up at another school for next year.  I'm so excited!!! 

Do you like your endo?  I think my endo knows that I like/need to have positive feedback, which allows me to get along with him so well. 

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  1. I like my endo some days, but not most. I'm just too chicken to change.

    Annd, I don't know what your schedule is for your trip out to Washington, but you should check the Sports and Diabetes Group NW page out on Facebook. They haven't announced their summer session yet, but it should be around that time. LOTS and LOTS of Type 1 athletes there....