Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Endo Visit Update

Today was my quarterly endo appointment. I've been seeing the same doctor since I moved to Illinois last year, and I like him more and more every time. He knows that I cannot handle a lot of changes at one time - it would cause me to break to pieces and not change anything. He gives me little things to change which have worked well so far, so I'm willing to do what he says. Plus, he works with other athletes so he knows a decent amount about exercise.

Today he asked me about my training, upcoming races, and how I felt my blood sugars were going. We talked about all of the topics mentioned above and how I can avoid lower blood sugars while working out. I've been ending a lot of work outs/runs with 60 or so and feel weak. He suggested setting my basal at 80% and then going back to a normal basal 20-30 minutes before my workout ends. I'll be trying this tomorrow while I run, and hope to have success. I did change one of my basal rates this winter on my own (lowered it), which he said he was proud. Trust me - this is a big deal for me!

My doctor ordered some blood tests to test my iron levels again as well. I know they are doing far better than this summer, and am curious to see if they are in range or not. My A1C was 5.8, the exact same number it was in October. I think it is pretty impressive that it did not change at all. Another interestng thing was my resting pulse rate - 56. The nurse seemed surprisied at this, so I googled some information on it and if you are in good shape then your pulse will probably be low. Makes sense to me. The second number in my blood pressure was also low - most liekyl due to working out/running.

Today was a rest day for me. I did not run at all because I could tell my legs needed a break. Yesterday I had an awesome day - I ran 11 miles (the first 8 in 59 minutes, 9-10 @ 7:53 pace and then cool-down mile at 9:20 pace), bike 6 miles, lifted weights, did 1 mile at level 15 walking on teh treadmill and then the stairmaster for 1 mile. Today was nice and easy - 8 miles biking, 3.5 on teh ellipticle, and 3.5 on the stair master. Tomorrow I'll be back to my favorite - runnng. I know that I need to schedule days off running like this to avoid getting hurt, so even though I wanted to run, I knew it was not the best idea for me. I want to stay healthy this year for all of my races.

(Jerry --> I am still considering doing the glucamotive relay. I am just not quite sure yet so it is not on my official race calendar. I agree with you - they are super fun and quite an experience. Are you doing it?)

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  1. I have not registered for the 2011 (Northwest Passage) or 2012 (Relay Del Sol) relays, which are both on the Glucomotive web site if you look around on it.
    But here's the only reason. I feel guilty. I'm pretty sure that the Insulindependence folks would let me do it every year, but that would mean that someone else, maybe someone who has never done one of these relays, wouldn't get to go.
    Unlike a big race like the Carlsbad Marathon, there are a limited number of slots. I don't want to be greedy.
    So I'm still thinking about it. I may talk to Peter Nerothin about it this weekend in Carlsbad.