Monday, January 24, 2011

Times 2

I've had not-so-stellar work-outs the past 2 days. Sunday I was tired and felt awful from other things (life) and decided to only run 1.5 miles and then bike 5. It was my shortest workout in days. I thought that I would feel awesome and have fresh legs today. I wanted to do a long run since I scrapped that idea on Sunday. I started off by running 2 miles at a 7:24/mile pace, then my legs started to get heavy. I knew my blood sugar was headed south and quickly so I stopped, checked the BG and saw a 65 on the screen. After treating with some glucose tabs, I biked for 5 miles then decided I wanted to get back and run my other 6.5 miles that I had planned on doing. I ran 1 at a 7:53 pace, which felt like a sprint, got frustrated, and decided to stop. I walked a mile to clear my head, biked another 3 and then got on the dreaded ellipticle for 2 miles. Maybe I need to take a full day of rest and not do anything exercise-related for one day to help my legs feel better. My left leg started to hurt a little bit today....nothing I couldn't handle. But, I don't want to get injured. I have not taken a day off exercising since December. There have been non-running days, but I've been doing something. Maybe that would help?

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